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What are the most common injuries people get on boats?

by | May 21, 2024 | Personal Injury

Boating is an exciting activity enjoyed by many people around the country. However, hidden dangers lurk for anyone riding on the waves.

Understanding the most common injuries that happen on boats can help everyone onboard.

Internal injuries

One of these common injuries happens when people fall overboard, especially children. A fall can occur for several reasons, including rough waters, sudden movements or slippery surfaces.

Falling into the water can lead to serious internal injuries or even drowning. Boat owners should be cognizant of weather conditions and avoid perilous waters to help prevent such tragedies.

Cuts and lacerations
Boats are full of sharp objects, such as fishing hooks, knives and anchors, which can cause deep cuts and lacerations. Such injuries often occur when equipment is improperly stowed or during sudden jolts that cause someone to come into contact with a sharp edge.
Broken bones and fractures
Turbulent seas may cause fractures and broken bones if someone falls or the movement of the boat throws them against a hard surface. This type of injury can be excruciating and may require a prolonged recovery period.
Sprains and strains
Sprains and strains often occur on boats due to the constant motion and sometimes slippery conditions. These injuries can result from lifting heavy objects, slipping or trying to keep balance in rough waters.
Head injuries
Head trauma on a boat can be very serious. Traumatic injuries could happen if someone slips and falls or gets hit by a swinging boom on a sailboat.

Unfortunately, some individuals can focus so much on fun that other important aspects of boating, like safety, are no longer a priority. People facing boating-related injuries may want to seek fair compensation.