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What are some hidden signs of internal bleeding after a crash?

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Personal Injury

In the aftermath of a vehicular collision, visible injuries often demand immediate attention. However, internal injuries, particularly bleeding, may quietly happen without obvious external indications. Understanding these hidden signs is important for ensuring timely medical intervention and potentially saving lives.
Abdominal pain and tenderness
One subtle yet telling sign of internal bleeding is abdominal pain and tenderness. Following a crash, individuals may experience discomfort in the abdominal region, which is a sign of potential internal trauma.
Dizziness and weakness
Internal bleeding can lead to a decrease in blood volume, resulting in symptoms like dizziness and weakness. These indicators may not show up immediately but could surface in the hours or days following a collision.
Swelling and bruising
While external bruising is apparent, internal bleeding can cause swelling and discoloration beneath the skin. This may not be evident immediately after the crash but can develop over time. Swelling, especially around the abdominal area or joints, could be indicative of internal bleeding.
Changes in skin color
Monitoring changes in skin color is important for detecting internal bleeding. An unusually pale complexion may signify reduced blood flow. A bluish tint indicates poor oxygen supply, which can result from internal bleeding affecting the respiratory or circulatory systems.
Vomiting or blood
Internal bleeding can lead to blood entering the digestive or respiratory systems. If an individual experiences vomiting or coughing up blood post-collision, it could indicate this problem.
Rapid heart rate and shallow breathing

Internal bleeding often triggers the body’s stress response, causing an increase in heart rate and shallow breathing. Monitoring physical signs such as pulse and respiratory rate can provide insights into potential internal injuries.

Even if someone assumes they are feeling fine after a collision, both visible and hidden signs of internal bleeding can happen during this time. With someone in America requiring blood or platelets every 2 seconds, issues with blood loss are shockingly common. Seeking immediate medical attention can contribute to better outcomes for those involved in the collision.