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What are some subtle signs of traumatic brain injuries?

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

After a sudden blow to the head because of a fall or other accident, you may not notice much difference in your body or mind at first. In the weeks that follow, you may start to realize that something is wrong. To potentially figure out if you have a traumatic brain injury, you should learn more about the subtle symptoms and common issues that people with a TBI face.

Increased sensitivity

According to the Mayo Clinic, after a head injury, you could face trouble with how clearly you can see objects and notice an increase in sensitivity to bright lights. Even when you are not eating, you may have a distinct taste in your mouth that seems odd. A heightened sensitivity to all these changes and more can irritate and confuse you.

Increased bad moods

Another sign that a TBI is harming you is that you may have mood swings over the course of a day. Whether you feel anxious or not, you could notice that you are not acting like yourself and seem to be cycling through many emotions.

You may also notice an increase in depressed feelings and wonder why you cannot concentrate like you normally do. This can make it tough to go to work or participate in some daily activities.

Increased sleepiness

Even after a normal amount of sleep, you may feel tired and ready to sleep some more. A TBI can influence how hard it is to fall asleep or stay asleep as well. When you are facing the possibility of a traumatic brain injury, being aware of how you feel can help you determine what to do next.